We don’t always remember to document our circles, but we will try and post some images of our altars, spaces & various doings here!

Cleansing incense

Feast Preparations for Spring Camp, 2011

At Spring Camp, Beltane 2011

Outdoor Altar for Spring Equinox 2011

Midwinter Altar 2011

Labyrinth and altar for Samhain, 2011

Mabon altar, 2011

Lammas, 2011

Imbolc, 2010

Spring Equinox, 2008

Spring Equinox, 2007

Fire Twirling

Yule, 2008


3 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Wow… this takes me back! Lovin’ the reminiscence 🙂 x

  2. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. what is all this?

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