About the Circle

The Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame (also known as SCOTIF) was established in 2006 as an Eclectic Witchcraft coven in Perth, Western Australia. The official birthing of the coven was during the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in 2007. The cord to the egregore of the coven was formally cut by members of the circle in 2016. This blog remains as a memorial to the circle.

SCOTIF follows mostly eclectic neo-pagan principles and teachings and we adopt a progressive approach that is open-minded, autonomous, yet focused. We actively seek a path that is about personal growth, integrity, and fanning the inner flame.

We are active in the Western Australian Pagan community and do our best to model respect & caring for others in the wider community throughout our daily lives. We are a small group with witches who each follow independent and distinct paths including, but not limited to, influences from neo-wicca, tantra, chaos magic, shamanism, demonolatry and hedge witchery.

All members are expected to abide by our coven charter. Please read it here. We are not open to seekers via the Internet. However you are free to get to know us at Combined Covens events, there is almost always a SCOTIF member there.

If you still wish to stalk us, you can ‘like’ our public page on Facebook. 😉 If we have open circles in the future, details about them will be posted there.

Our Symbol

Our Inner Flame Symbol (above) represents the connection we feel to all that is within and without. As we feed our inner flame, so do we release that nourishment into the Universe.


9 thoughts on “About the Circle”

  1. Witchcraft said:

    Do you practise witchcraft and if not oculd you direct me to someone who does.

    regards, Ross

  2. leanne reid said:

    Hi, please can you help me, I am interested in joining a coven for the last 10 years I have been interested in the wicca ways, treating people and nature as you find them and want to be treated, can you please point me in the right direction to finding the light. Many things have happened in my life and i dont put it down to christianity, but heart and soul, my uncle practices Wicca and he is and awesome human being. can you help me. leanne reid

  3. followingmypath said:

    Im glad to know there are wiccans in perth. now i want to get even further on this path thanks so much. ( glad to know im not alone 🙂 ) Blessed Be

  4. Hi there,
    I have only recently found my calling to magic and Wiccan teachings. I have researched many books and websites and have cast a few spells of my own however I feel that I need to be around people who understand me and my calling and can teach me things that books and websites cannot. It is through my research that I found your website. Are you able to advise me where I may be able to find the support and guidance I seek? I live in metro WA.
    Thanks greatly….

  5. Hi, I have been searching for a belief for over a year now, I always seem to come back to this area although i feel I’m not having much luck online getting further information.

    Is there somewhere in Perth Armadale end where I could meet other people to find of this is my area?
    Thanks 😀

  6. Sherielle said:

    Sad, to hear that your not open to other people. So be it!

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