Circle History

The Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame (SCOTIF) was founded in 2006 followed by a coven birthing on a lunar eclipse in March 2007.

What followed was a period of growth, nourishment, and evolution. Each foundational member of the circle, then a group of seven young people from Western Australia, brought their own unique blend of witchcraft practices to the group whilst retaining their personal autonomy and individualized approach to their spirituality. Each member devoted themselves to the path and participated in a structure which then had a loose hierarchy, and also sought teaching from other groups and paths, bringing their knowledge back into the circle. Devotions and initiations were held for those that requested it and from time to time seekers were invited to share space, and friends were invited to join in on circles. Public rituals were facilitated by the group for the WA pagan community, and many members helped the community in a teaching capacity by holding workshops and rituals.

In 2015, the group is still growing strong, but a gentle evolution in the desires of the collective group over the years has resulted in the need for recognition of the circle, its focus, and its general aims.

The Circle

SCOTIF draws inspiration from the modern witchcraft movement and seeks to adopt an approach that is progressive, inclusive, inspirational and dynamic. We are a collective of witches and spiritual practitioners who each bring their strengths to every circle, sharing opportunities for the crafting of our individual paths.


  • We are non-hierarchical in structure and recognize what each member brings to the circle in the form of experience, teaching and learning in their own stead.
  • Each participant may be equally a seeker, a teacher, or a priest/ess at different times, and has the opportunity within SCOTIF to be all or some.
  • We do not facilitate a strict ‘membership’ but there is a recognition of the bond that has been established between individuals and the regular working group as a collective, a bond that is often akin to family.
  • We do not prescribe to a specific pantheon. Individuals are free to observe who or what they will in their own practice. All Gods, deities, spirits and entities are given their due respect.
  • There is no requirement of initiation or devotion to the circle in order to participate in the group’s circles, workshops or rituals. Some circles may be by invitation only and restricted to those who regularly work with us, at the host’s discretion.
  • There is no set liturgy and participants in circles are regularly invited to bring their own interpretations ‘as the spirit moves them’. At times, the circle may follow a structure if this is the desire of the host to fit a specific time, place or purpose.
  • At times, a circle participant may volunteer to host a ritual or circle. For such a circle, this participant functions as a high priest/ess for that time and facilitates co-ordination of the event; the spirit of the event following with the vision of the host.
  • At all times, participants in SCOTIF respect the space and sovereignty of other participants.
  • We attune to nature, (nature being defined by the material realm that we move within), and we recognize the inherent divinity of this natural plane and the merits of following a path which observes the cycles and seasons in nature. We regularly work with the elements and the alchemy that is the heart and soul of witchcraft.
  • We cultivate a focus on self-empowerment, self-discovery and creativity.
  • We foster a path that allows for encouragement of community involvement and enrichment; and social, political and ecological responsibility, where all living things deserve respect.
  • We subscribe to the notion of magic and working with energy, and defines magic as the art and science of affecting change in accordance with the will, as well as recognition of magic as it moves naturally in the world, in both seen and unseen places.
  • We foster a culture of continual growth and development that honours spiritual, intellectual and creative freedom.