This blog is a record for our coven to keep track of our doings, but also an opprtunity to express our creativity through writing if we feel the need. Because we maintain a semi-active looking blog (well I did say semi!) we get a lot of people finding our site who live in WA, seeking teachers, circles and points of contact for those who are interested in pagan spirituality, Wicca, and witchcraft in the Perth area.

We found that opening our close-knit group to seekers doesn’t work for us. A coven is like a family and as such we are not really ‘open for business’. This is true of many covens in Perth (and yes, they are out there!) so we understand that for a seeker, it can be very difficult or even frustrating to find a group or even an event where they can connect with like minded individuals.

Here are a few contacts and links to help get you started in the pagan community in WA and a little information about them:

Combined Covens Social Club – this group runs a couple of events a year which can provide a good opportunity to meet like minded souls. A particular highlight is the Fete day at Spring Camp where a lot of witches, pagans, occult workers and pagan-friendlies come out of the ‘woodwork’ and can be seen soaking up the atmosphere. These events are usually held on the long weekend of the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

theCollective – the aim of this initiative is to connect all pagans in WA and provide a point of contact and a network. They now release a New Moon Newsletter filled with all the current events and articles for local pagans. This is an amazing resource and if you’re looking for general public events of all description this is the place to get your info.

Pagans in the Park WA – enough said really, this is a new initiative but is a promising pledge to start up a regular gathering similar to ones held in other parts of the world.

– Pagans in the Pub Perth – this is a long running event where a few people gather for a few drinks and a chat. They meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Durty Nelly’s, on Shafto Lane. Email for more details.

WA’s social group for Witches, Wiccans and pagans alike – this is a FB group that while not particularly active, you are bound to find information about upcoming events and other things and get any questions you might have answered.

Perth pagans mostly keep to themselves and you will find the scene mostly apolitical and there are no ‘loud voices’ which can make it seem fairly quiet. There is a lot bubbling beneath the surface though and plenty of nice people to make you feel welcome. We are reluctant to list covens as most are fairly private but if you dig, you will find them… or they will find you!

There is also nothing wrong with starting your own discussion group or book club. Be prepared to travel to meet like-minded souls. Our coven members are scattered between Mandurah and Midland. You will not find a coven lurking in its entirity in a suburb, waiting for you to join.

Take care on your journey.