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And we’re back.

It’s been a little quiet in these parts; SCOTIF experienced a more ‘inward’ year in 2012 and like all things, it is okay to observe a natural ebb and flow within coven workings. We have been circling together for seven years now and a (healthy) pattern is beginning to emerge. 2013 promises to be an exciting year for all of us as we build our capacity to strengthen connections within ourselves and continue forging the path that has served us so well, so far. As we spiral ‘outwards’ we continue to consolidate our friendships and sense of wonder, magic and love that is fostered within our circle 🙂

This year we have established a new way of conducting our circling. We are ‘turfing’ the ‘Wheel of the Year’ in the traditional sense and instead employing a structure that involves monthly sacred space. Each member will take responsibility with one or more months in the year and write a ritual, hold space, or facilitate a workshop or activity as suited towards the vibe of the month. We are really excited and invigorated as we plan around this format.

This month was my turn, and a patch of grief led me to facilate something more informal than what I initially planned, and I got the oven cranking with cupcakes as we decided a spot of high tea and a little goal setting was in order.

Ethony came up with the idea which she successfully used in 2012 and served her well- come up with 3 words which would serve as a focal point to the things we wish to achieve and manifest in our lives. She said that the words acted as powerful reminders, like keystones to touch upon to assist in the manifestation.

Here are some of the words we declared within sacred space, as we also vowed to support each other in the realisation of these touchstones. (Ethony also made the pretty graphic!)


As we went around our circle and discussed our chosen words, we noticed a lot of similar themes- many of us are keen to outfurl and give back to our friends, family and community, and we are all keen to be in touch with our bodies and our hearts, and reignite a sense of wonder in a magical sense. Essential things when one has spent a year turning inward or focusing on mundane goals. 2013 is going to be for growth, connection and magic!

We also declared:

If you get an item or are gifted an item, we are going to give something away and pay it forward.

If we say yes to something, we have to say no to something else (this is because most of us take on way too much, balance y’all)

February is going to be a love-fest! I look forward to the future circles, as I always look forward to when my sisters and I hold space.