Well as 2011 draws to a close, I was reflecting on just how much we’ve done with the Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame in the last 12 months. I decided to make a retrospective video to show just some of the activities we have done within our group and within the wider Perth community. With bonus dot points summing up just how much we’ve accomplished!


  • Our 1st degree Priestesses have been studying in earnest towards our 2nd degree. This has mostly consisted really walking our paths and further engaging with the local community in varying ways. It has been both a challenging and rewarding journey.
  • Our seeker, Sarah, has spent a full year with us studying for her 1st degree initiation. It has been so wonderful having her with us and she is doing so well! She is certainly a bright spark, that one.
  • After years of talking about it, we finally went camping together! We celebrated Samhain in the forest and while it was way too cold and we weren’t allowed to have fires due to the fire ban, we still had a great time.
  • Some of us donned our glad-rags and rocked out at the Combined Covens Social Club’s Harvest Ball.
  • We saw the rise and consequential sad disappearance of the Sacred Grove Spiritual Centre, which gave us an opportunity to meet and develop friendships with some amazing people and allowed some of us to facilitate workshops for the community. Hopefully Perth will see a facility servicing the pagan community in such a capacity again.
  • We attended several gatherings held by other people and groups, such as a Yule festival and drumming circles.
  • The best of those being the ‘Shake Your Wicked Hoof’ dance night! What a fantastic night was had by all. We would love to see this event happen again, although we know how much work is needed to make something so cool happen!
  • We continued to celebrate our own rigorous esbat and sabbat calendar, and we are really developing our sense of the role of the elements in circle in addition to the relationship of feasting to ritual.
  • We consolidated our logo and got tshirts made! What nerds! The blog also got a facelift and is looking pretty spanking by now if I do say so myself.
  • The Spring Camp run by Combined Covens was another highlight, which I have already expansively posted about here.
  • Ethony recorded a CD series on the Craft, and we all participated in providing chants and drumming for the soundtrack! I have previewed the CDs and they sound amazing, hopefully we will have details on this blog of what these are and how to purchase soon.
  • We opened the group to the general public to Seekers for the first time. We recently met a couple of you and definitely look forward to working with you in the near future!

So here’s to the year behind and the year forward! We are halfway through the Wheel of the Year, and the peek of the silly season is about to commence. Stay safe and warm/cool, whichever hemisphere you find yourself in! Blessed Be.