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Lee's Outdoor Altar in Spring

Lee's Outdoor Altar in Spring

The Earth renews herself with much vigour come the dawning of the Spring Equinox, when the night and day are at equal lengths, and the Spring rains bring much needed refreshment and renewal as we emerge out of Winter. After a week of rain here in Perth, today the sun came out for a beautiful Spring day, just in time.

It is an important time, as the air is zinging with potential and anticipation. It’s a wonderful time to stop a smell the roses- literally if you have any early Spring buds- and if you’re taking a look you’ll notice that nature is certainly moving. Flowers are out in abundance, and if you can, a fantastic Spring activity is to enjoy the local wildflowers (which Western Australia has in abundance) or look into your own garden, if you’re lucky to have one, and notice the colourful changes. Unfortunately it does mean that I have to mow my lawn more often as the days get longer! Baby animals are in abundance too, and things start getting a little more frisky. It is also a really good time to shake off those WInter cobwebs and do a little Spring cleaning!

According to the six seasons of the Noongar people, our ideas about the Western Spring Equinox are echoed in their season of Djilba, which is represented by the colours pink and purple; and heralds the growth of wildflowers and plants following the replenishing rains.

We will celebrate Ostara, as denoted on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, with an outdoor ritual in the hills followed by a picnic. In our ritual, we will go back to nature and use our energies to send healing back to the land. The equinox is about balance- we will do our small part to help restore the energies of this balance back to the land we tread upon. We will also use the balancing energies to help restore peace and equilibrium to our lives.

May the balance of the Equinox bring balance to your life!