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Our Imbolc ritual & celebration was marked by a candlelit dinner, a hearty vegan Irish stew, candle scrying, and lots of replenishing rains. Our incense was comprised of wattle, lavender and lemongrass. There is a nice link on celebrating Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere here.

Imbolc Raw Bliss Balls

This recipe is raw and vegan. Bliss balls are awesome because they give you  sweet hit, and like most raw food, they are healthy and absolutely sing in your mouth!

Ingredients (approx):
10 x Meejool dates (soaked for 5 – 10 hours to soften)
2 cups raw cashews
1 cup sunflower seeds
handfull of sultanas
handfull of goji berries
2 Tbsp Agave Nectar
2 Tbsp Water
2 Tbsp raw Cocoa Powder
sprinkle of salt


Blend all the nuts, fruit, cocoa powder and salt in food processor until sticky.  Add water, agave nectar as required (they will help hold the balls together).  Roll into teaspoon sized balls – wet hands are helpful – then roll in cocoa powder or dessicated coconut.

When rolling charge the mix with your intent.

Thanks to Amanda for the recipe, and rolling us all those balls last night 🙂