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As the Wheel turns in the Southern Hemisphere into the dark half of the year, rains return the land to bring the green once more. It is a time to reflect and turn inward, and what better way to recharge one’s batteries than to detach from civilization and be immersed in nature?

A blessed Samhain was celebrated by us on the weekend with a camping trip in the bush. We stayed for two nights in a beautiful setting.

We’ve spoken about camping quite often in the past, this was the first time we have managed to follow it through! We were visited by many animal friends (in addition to the two doggies we brought with us). There were many birds, and even a very tame kangaroo that was not shy in their quest for human (and dog) food. Libations take a whole new meaning when your border collie familiar helps to bury them!

Ritual comprised of honouring the ancestors and those who have passed through the veil, and a labyrinth meditation with the Goddess Inanna. You can see one of our elemental markers in the foreground, which we painted during circle at Summer Solstice.

We feasted all weekend on nourishing and warm food. Feasting is very special to us and nothing is better than the hunger that the outdoors brings. It is great to share experiences like this with your coven sisters!