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We celebrated our Autumn Equinox Sabbat on the weekend.

It was a special time thanks to what the media is calling a ‘Supermoon’, a full moon with perigee meaning we had a big, bright, white moon beaming down on us during proceedings. In addition many of us helped to record vocals for a CD that Ethony is working on that marks Wiccan celebrations the night before. We have chanted, sung, and eaten to our heart’s content and reaped the bounty of the harvest this Equinox!

Personally, the two Equinox sabbats are my favourites as there is a perfect balance that marks a very tangible change between seasons. In Western Australia it has been a very long, very hot and unfortunately very dry summer.  The change the Autumn Equinox brings is quite welcome, and it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the summer’s harvest and turn inward and begin to reflect as the cooler weather returns.