Howdy. My turn to do the pagan survey, dont forget to read the posts by Ethony and Gaimara too!

1.) Do you have a magical name, and what is it’s meaning?

Lee is my birth name and I consider it magical enough for the time being to suit my current needs.

2.) Describe your journey, and your current spiritual path.

As a child I adopted an athiest point of view from very early on. Neither of my parents were strongly religious but I was baptised as Roman Catholic to appease some older relatives. My sister was baptised as Anglican and my Mum used to joke that the next child would have been Buddhist. I was fascinated with dinosaurs and studied paleontology and archaeology in my spare time instead of the intense symbolism on the arses of My Little Ponies, so I was quite a serious little Richard Dawkins Jr. That being said, as I got older my studies into history, mythology and my reading of adult fantasy led to more interest in romantic themes and this bled into the things I liked to draw as my interest in art blossomed in late high school.

I had friends who were into ‘wicca’ and the occult in high school and I was always the voice of reason and general disdain of their activities- I thought they were deluded and generally wasting time, and that they getting involved to be more interesting or to fit in with the fad at the time. It wasn’t until my studies at uni that the tables were soon turned. In the pursuit of reconciliation between my love for fantastical subjects in art, and more acceptable modern paradigms, I encountered Carl Jung and scholars that followed him. I underwent a bit of a gnosis in which I realised the beauty and possiblities for healing, transformation and nourishment that a spiritual path could allow. I did a lot of research and eventually I realised that my new found affirmations aligned with a lot of pagan ideologies.

My spiritual path is characterised by my struggle to align my skeptical voice of reason with my more ‘whimsical’ interests. I constantly question and test my position in regards to the Craft and in my view this adds to a deeper and more richer understanding. At times it feels like my journey has just begun. I characterise my current spiritual path as eclectic wicca, with full wariness of the accompanying baggage that label brings.

3.) Are there particular Gods & Goddesses you worship, or a particular tradition you work with?

There are not. There are some energies I find particular resonance with, in particular Egyptian pantheons, but I shy away from overt cultural appropriation and attempt to carve my own relationships with the deity that is all around in my own way.

4.) What is your relationship with nature, including animals and/or plant spirits?

I recognise the beauty and pattern that lies in all things. I do not consider myself as a steward of nature but I do believe we all should be responsible for the messes we create. I feel strong connections with both the sun and the moon, the oceans and the forests,  the deserts, and the in-between spaces of wetlands and caves underground. Nothing energises me more than communing with nature unsullied by human hands. That being said I feel urban areas have energies of their own that can be worked with. There is light and dark to everything including civilisation, and I believe all things have an end and a rebirth. If we screw up this planet, I think she’ll be just fine.

I love gardening and working with herbs, and this is an area I have resolved to incorporate more into my daily practice. Animals are very special to me and I am a strict vegetarian out of respect for animal welfare. I am not willing to allow another animal to suffer for the tastes dictated to me by the standard Australian diet, but I recognise that it is my cultural privilege to do so and that everyone makes their own choices on their own terms, and that is their right too.

I have developed relationships to the Lioness and the Otter.

5.) What constitutes your regular practice? What divinatory tools do you use, and/or what sort of spellwork do you engage with (if applicable)?

My primary practice is my artistic one. Much of my art is derived from thoughtforms and archetypes sourced from god knows where, and it is my desire to tap into their conduit more consciously for good or ill.

I maintain a couple of altars, an indoor one for formal personal rituals and an outdoor one for impromptu earth rituals. With my indoor altar, there is usually some sort of seasonal representation and objects that have meaning for me reside there.

Tarot is my chief divinatory tool. My spellwork is usually done out of pointed need and usually involves  incantations, mantras, sigils, and the raising of energy. My most important tool of the Craft is direct action.

6.) What are your experiences with the wheel of the year, and ritual? (Include favourite sabbats, favourite ritual memories, and least favourite memories)

My experiences in ritual have ranged from the utterly mundane and awkward to profound and deeply energising. It really depends on timing, mood, astrology, what time of the month is is for me, and the individuals involved.

My favourite memory is my first Beltane, which I was invited to very early on in my active spiritual practice. I remember it being simple, fun and effortless, and there was so much platonic love floating around it filled me with joy. I think the chocolate coated strawberries we had afterwards might have had something to do with it… I also recall a particular esbat where we worked directly with Isis energy, and we were dancing around and around in circle until we collapsed, exhausted. There are many great ritual memories.

My worst memory was a Beltane as well. I remember it being in a suburban backyard and everyone involved was rather irritable and basically couldn’t wait to get out of there. Sometimes the timing and place is right, and sometimes it just isn’t.

I do love Ostara most of all. The quivering energy full of possibility just makes me want to burst out of my skin. Being an Aries I absolutely love this green and fresh time of year.

7.) What are your experiences with ‘alternate’ realms, and the beings that reside in them?

I have had very little communion with what I would consider alternate realms in a direct fashion. This may change in the future. When I was very little I had an imaginary friend whom could be interpreted as a fire spirit. He was literally a little flame named Macca and his posse of buddies were all elemental in nature. I have very intense dreams, some of which involve particular god forms. What I realise is that it does not matter if these things are real or not in terms of mundane perception. What does matter is that the lessons, understanding, company and comfort held resonance to me at the time.