We came across this Pagan Survey and thought it would be a nice introduction to the Coven members.

1.) Do you have a magical name, and what is it’s meaning?

My magical name is Ethony* and it really is more than just a name for it has a lot of meaning for me personally. I gave myself the name when I was 10 or 11, it came from seemingly nowhere when I used to be ‘Ethony the Good Witch’ and I would make spells to help people. It stuck.

2.) Describe your journey, and your current spiritual path.

My journey started really with being a very sensitive child and having very understanding parents. When I had bad experiences with things I didn’t understand with Spirit as a child, my parents took me to meditation classes and bought me crystals for protection. They were amazing.

When I was 12 or so I went to church a lot and I even got Christened. I really enjoyed it until there were too many things the church said that I felt in my heart to be untrue, so I left.

When I was 14 I was at a library studying for a school paper and I found a book on Witches. It was about the connection to nature and real magic and self empowerment and that was it, I have been a Witch ever since. I have been teaching classes for years and am pretty public in regards to my path.

I am so very lucky to have found a group of Spirit sisters that I love dearly that are walking the same path. I would call myself an Eclectic Witch and a High Priestess of a Progressive Coven and I couldn’t be happier.

3.) Are there particular Gods & Goddesses you worship, or a particular tradition you work with?

As an Eclectic Witch I do not follow any tradition or set Pantheon. I do have a patron Goddess and I also feel that I am going to be forming a patron relationship with a specific God this year as well. I love Mythology and working with Deity from different cultures.

4.) What is your relationship with nature, including animals and/or plant spirits?

I have always loved and connected to nature. I saw Fae as a young child and collected rocks and kept them in secret places, I spent more time up trees and in a fern cave my sister and I made than I did anywhere else. I am always so in awe of nature, the beauty, majesty, power and fragility of it. Nature is sacred. We should protect it and work with it not destroy it. I love animals as well and this year is the first year I have had a familiar come into my life, but I have a feeling that the family dog we had growing up was a guardian to my sister and I. With the training I have had I am able to connect with the spirits of nature much clearer now.

5.) What constitutes your regular practice? What divinatory tools do you use, and/or what sort of spellwork do you engage with (if applicable)?

My regular practice is communing with Deity, whenever I am in nature I also commune with all that is around me. I follow the Sabbats and also the moon phases, even if it is something small. I work with the Tarot and have been for many years and it is my divinatory and spiritual tool of choice. My spellwork is always there when there is a need, there are other instant magicks that I use in everyday life.

6.) What are your experiences with the wheel of the year, and ritual? (Include favourite sabbats, favourite ritual memories, and least favourite memories)

I have been following the wheel of the year since I dedicated myself to the Craft 12 years ago. I love Sabbats, more so now that I am with a Coven, Sabbats are meant to be celebrated together! I really enjoy the feel and the message of Yule and I have many fantastic memories of ritual. There are always things that happen when you are outside with ritual- mozzies, people stumbling into your ritual by accident, lighting issues, but that is what makes an experience sometimes.

7.) What are your experiences with ‘alternate’ realms, and the beings that reside in them?

Some positive and some not so positive, like everything there are varying shades of grey. I have worked with Fae, Dragons, my Spirit Guides, Angels and other beings. My experiences with the other realms have been one of the areas where my practice has been increasing in intensity and frequency.