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Now that you have the knowledge…it is time to dare!

This part of the witch’s pyramid really suits the saying, there is one thing in knowing something but it is an entirely different thing doing something about it.  That is where To Dare comes in. Do you have the courage needed to walk the path of the Witch? Do you have enough courage to walk a path that is in line with your integrity and personal morals? Can you stand out from the crowd and be counted for when you disagree with what is happening in the world, or is it not your concern? Do you Dare to look within yourself and face your shadow?

Courage can manifest in many different ways in our lives. It can be about making changes in your life or within yourself. Kicking a bad habit, leaving a situation that no longer serves your highest good or even just changing the way we view a certain person or situation in our lives. It is all well and good to know that something needs changing in your life, or even more so when something needs changing within you but if that knowledge seeks no action then it is in vain. Knowledge without deeds is dead. To Dare calls us, no- To Dare boldly challenges us to see if we are worth our salt. We are tested to see if we are bold enough to be an active force in our own lives.

Likewise what good is it to know what path you are meant to be walking in your life you discover or stumble upon it one day if you are going to do nothing about it? Fantasize for the rest of your life that you fulfilled your work? While that may work for a time, eventually you will become dissatisfied.

To Dare is action, this means moving from setting the goals to bringing your vision into reality. Make lists, set to do tasks and start ticking them off. Try something new or try a new approach to something that has been blocking you from moving forward. Clean out the dross, throw open your door walk out of it and start.

To Dare can be scary as it usually involves doing things that scare you or that feel completely alien. But it is in challenge and in embracing the new that we move forward and start really making our lives and our spirituality work.

So do you Dare?