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So, I’ve been taking my sweet time to post on here – mainly because I wanted to post something that had some level of profound insight and immense worth, or whatever. I realise now that was my ego talking and that I’d much rather post something that’s real and inherently me.

I am lucky enough to be living a life where I can work in areas that further my spiritual pursuits or involve using my “witchy-gifts”. Not everyone has this opportunity and maintaining a connection to one’s spiritual path when bogged down in the mire of mundanity can be a real struggle sometimes. But why is it such a struggle to do something that we love?

Good question, you say? I know, I can hear you. Why do we put the things that bolster our strength and resolve in life on the back-burner? Are our spiritual attainments not more important than keeping the house tidy or weeding the garden?

That’s not to say that the daily tasks ought to be put aside and we should all become ascetic yogis who live on the top of mountains, but I’m sure that these insignificant tasks can wait for half an hour or so.

To be honest, though, half an hour isn’t necessary to achieve some kind of spiritual observance. Unless you’re going to be performing a significant ritual or spell of some kind, you can find the time for magick in your everyday existence. In harmony with it, even.

Magick can exist in the workplace. Cast a circle around your work-space with your mind and clear it of any negative influences or energies. Make it sacred. If you deal with lots of irritating customers then put up your shields before you open the doors.

Colleagues or peers in an agitated mood today? Cast a calming energy over your workplace/school. Imagine a cool, cleansing breeze blowing through and carrying away all the pent-up emotions and agitation. You might like to cover everyone with a soft, fluffy cloud to encourage people to be gentle and to give each other space. Whatever makes sense to you.

You can create rituals with daily tasks. As you wash the dishes why not wash away any disharmony that may exist between those who ate from them? When I sweep or vacuum the floor or pavement I like to see the negative energies as being swept away/sucked up and I allow the positive, productive energies in.  You could even vacuum up some crushed dark copal to banish negative energies.

Why not practice a bit of earth magick when you garden next? As you pull the weeds up use them as a symbol for aspects in your life or personality that you wish to remove. Plant those things you wish to develop or attain with your new seedlings and established plants. Tend them with love, nutrients, water and your magickal energy.

Cooking a meal can be nutritious on many levels. Your love and desire for good health to all who consume it can be stirred in (sunwise, of course!) to the meal that you create. You can use herbs and vegetables to represent that which you desire to bring forth in your meal and your life.

Spending a bit of time on the toilet? Spiritual studies! Or you could possibly attempt a light meditation… depending on the level of distraction 😛

Rather than trying to set time aside for spiritual pursuits, make your LIFE a spiritual pursuit. You will be surprised by how enjoyable life can become!

May your life be magickal every moment of the day. Blessed Be.