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To Know
To Dare
To Will
To Be Silent

This is something that I hope all following the path of the Witch/Wiccan/Pagan have at heard or read at least once while reading the million books on the market on Paganism, Wicca and new age White Lighty Goodness.

Nice words. Nice, to-the-point words; but how many of us actually follow these or are even self-reflective on the nature of these statements and how they can impact our spiritual practise and everyday muggle life?

Reflecting on my own experiences with the above and also from current study with one of the SCOTIF girls I wanted to take a look at the pillars and their depth, one at a time.

To Know

I hope I never stop learning about life, the universe and myself. I would get bored otherwise just allowing myself to BE and not really stretch or change anything. This is also true in regards to my practise as a Witch. I remember when I first started walking the path and reading everything I could get my hands on all those years ago (12 to be more accurate) I was full of the newly awakened Wicca zeal which for the most part was very positive. But I also was angry about the ‘burning times’ and used to go into Christian chat rooms and annoy people in there with hypocrisies of the bible and the church until I got kicked out. That was when I was 15 so I was young and stupid then.

My attitudes have changed with being able to confirm things that I have read for myself.  Not believing everything as gospel I question and seek and also experience. All of these things mould my understanding of the world and my beliefs. I now know that there is no need to carry any anger about what happened in the past and that people should be left alone to follow their own paths, even if I don’t agree or understand why. This is just one small example of how the tenet of To Know can play a part in your life in regards to gaining outside knowledge.

The most important application of To Know is To Know Thyself. Something that if you are a self-reflective person will keep you busy for the rest of your life. I do believe that your core values and core self is something that may stay in the same vein but even better if you are honoring those values and honoring the self, that makes you stronger and more resilient when life’s challenges start to chip away at your reserves.

Knowing yourself is more than just meditating daily or journalling- it is about knowing your limits, knowing when to say no, knowing when you need time, knowing when a situation is no longer good for you and knowing that you can make a difference.  It is having the ability to see why you are doing things in a certain way or why you have reacted a certain way to a situation. If you can be the first person to ask what your motivations are behind something you are steps ahead and can potentially avoid negative people and situations.
When I get angry about something or get upset over something I am the first to pull myself up on it. I allow the emotional self to have its moment, whether it is by having a gigantic rant, crying or whatever but then once that is done I give myself a reality check.  I look at my reaction to see if I am just being childish or stubborn or plain silly. I also remind myself of who I am and that I know that acting irrationally and overly emotional can be a downward spiral. Then with the knowledge I have as a Witch and through life experiences I re-affirm that all change is temporary and that I am not powerless in the situation that I can make a positive outcome of it. That is usually enough to get me out of anything that can seem overwhelming. However if I didn’t take the time to work on my self spiritually and otherwise I may just allow everything to get the better of me, be reactive and negative and constantly blaming others or my past for my current situation. That is disempowering and I don’t want to live that way.

In muggle terms I have also ensured that I learn how to do things if I can within my skills before getting someone else to do it (unless there are spiders involved, I check out when those eight legged creatures rock up). But I have ensured that when something comes up in regards to a learning experience I usually say yes. I learnt how to change a tyre from my Father, I learnt how to do my makeup better from my Sister and my friends are constantly teaching me things, whether they know it or not. Being open to knowledge and experience is important, this is how you open the doorway to growth.

Ways to get in touch with your inner self can be to spent time meditating or journalling, which is a good way of sorting out the white noise and ordering your thoughts. It is beneficial to see where some of the beliefs you have about your life or yourself have come from and even better if they aren’t yours to cut them off and throw them out. Ritual is also a great reconnecting excercise or taking time to walk on the beach or have a salt bath or anything really with calm and no distractions. This is not just fluffy stuff, this is affirming to yourself that you are worth the time and worth the effort.

Knowledge illuminates everything. When you Know, you can start To Dare.